Bishop vs. Knight

Which piece is stronger, a bishop or a knight? And which combination of minor pieces is the strongest? I did some research with the help of scid and a database of 1.93 million games. All games were played by players with at least 2000 elo. I decided to create statistics for the middlegame and the endgame.

Middlegame All games where the piece constellation appeared with both queens and all four rooks on the board
Endgame All games where the piece constellation appeared with no queens and no rooks on the board

Except from the minor pieces the material is equal for both colors. The piece constellation appears two full moves on the board.

   Score MiddlegameScore EndgameGames MiddlegameGames Endgame
1 Bishopvs.1 Knight48.5%48%11417932754
1 Bishop + 1 Knightvs.2 Knights48.8%50%881166007
2 Bishopsvs.2 Knights55.8%64%245401642
2 Bishopsvs.1 Bishop + 1 Knight55.5%64.2%17840213345
2 Bishops + 1 Knightvs.1 Bishop + 2 Knights52.7%62%4697324345